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iOS presets app - GETPRSTS

230 presets library
right in your iPhone

Find out how to get them all for free.


Download our app

That step is simple, download our app and get 35 presets free right of the bat.


Add a review

Submit a review with a few words about the presets in App store


Submit your request

Send us a screen of your review and wait for your response.

What do I get?

We have a 100 monthly subscriptions and 100 yearly subscriptions for you!

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0 yearly subscriptions


All collections

Our library iOS app contains all presets from our 29 collections. That means you have access to all 205 presets right from the phone.

All single special presets - free

Install our app and get our special single presets for free.

How does it work?

See how simple using our app is. First of all select collection that you like - if you would like to use free presets, find Free Presets folder.


Click open, select Lightroom and done.

To import preset to your Lightroom just select Lightroom app and click Lunch Lightroom Now.

Create preset

Now all you need to do is click the 3 dots on top right, save preset, give it a name and select Group to organize your presets and done!



Now you have your preset saved in your Lightroom library. It's forever yours.

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